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Best live streaming tools of 2020 (so far)

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

1. NDI HX Camera App for iOS & Android

Zoom and OBS users rejoice!

Imagine live streaming your next webinar with multiple cameras without actually buying any new cameras.

The NDI HX Camera App from NewTek turns your smartphone into a wireless camera that feeds into your OBS or Zoom live stream.

2. Mevo Start Webcam

The Mevo Start webcam is the latest dedicated live streaming camcorder from Mevo.

What sets the Start apart from the original Mevo and Mevo Plus, is the new 3.5mm audio input jack and the ability to link up with 2 other Mevo Start to deliver wireless multi-cam live switching on an iPhone.

3. Panasonic AG-CX10

Released at CES2020, the AG-CX10 is a full-featured IP camcorder with a 32X zoom.

To use the AG-CX10 as a network camera, shooters must buy the NewTek firmware that unlocks the camcorder's NDI HX functionality.

4. DeviceWell HDS7105 HDMI mixer

At first glance, the DeviceWell HDS7105 HDMI mixer/encoder looks like a complete knock-off of the BlackMagic Atem Mini Pro - but that would be a unfortunate mistake.

The DeviceWell, in fact, addresses the shortcomings of the Atem Mini Pro and does not stinge on output ports - especially the all-important Preview Out HDMI port. The DeviceWell HDS710S also supports VGA monitors giving a new lease of life to older office screens.

5. ATEN UC9020: iPad-based Touchscreen Mixer / Compositor

For live stream producers who do not have a powerful computer (or do not wish to entrust to a single CPU, the heavylifting tasks of simultaneously scaling, switching, compositing, encoding and recording a live stream), peace-of-mind is finally here!

The ATEN UC9020 excels at creating pre-composited scenes that you can select with a touch. Programme Out ports allow for external recorders while USB and ethernet ports provides options for external encoders or direct uplink to your live stream host sites.

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